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Ningshing UBAY Appeared on 2015 China’s Internet Exposition

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2015 China’s Internet Conference electronic commerce conference and 1st Cross-border Electronic Commerce was hold in Ningbo between 28th and 30th in June. Ningshing UBAY is the subordinate company of Ningshing Holding Corporation and appeared on Internet Exposition as pilot company of Ningbo cross-border electronic business. Ningshing UBAY developed a series of introduction and promotion activities and caught a lot of attention. WANG Jianhou, the deputy mayor of Ningbo, paid a lot of attention to Ningshing UBAY when he inspected the conference. Mr. WANG claimed that “As a Ningbo advanced enterprise should catch this chance to show yourselves and cooperate with other enterprises, in order to develop a national or international electronic business city.”
This Internet Conference invited Netease,,,, SF-Express and other famous China’s electronic business enterprises. Ningshing UBAY located in 8th exhibition hall and attracted a large number of visitors. Ningshing UBAY also owned official Wechat and registered on the independent platform named “Celeka”.
SHI Chenjia, CEO of Ningshing UBAY, described that this kind of high standard, professional conference is not only a chance but also a challenge for Ningshing UBAY. Ningshing UBAY will will see this conference as a good to open the market and cooperate with other enterprise to lead Ningbo electronic business.



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