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To take on more social responsibility and solve the problems of poor students, Ningshing Holdings held a ceremony of the renewal and payment of charitable fund for assisted education on Aug. 21 in Lianyi Hotel. Mr. Chen Yunjin,Ningbo Charity Federation president; Mr. Wu Yigang, board chairman of Ningshing Holdings and Ms Gao Ping , the vice-chairman of Ningshing, attended the meeting.

Ms Gao Ping and Ningbo Charity Federation executive vice-president Xiang Xingping signed an agreement on the new round of charity funding on this ceremony. Ningshing Holdings board chairman Wu Yigang donated 1 million to Ningbo Charity Federation. 40 university freshmen from HaiShu district and JiangDong district received the donation this year. The funded students expressed the appreciation for the assist of Ningshing Holdings.


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