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Ningshing Organized an Innovation Strategy Exchange Meeting & Semi-annual Wo

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Ningshing Holdings organized an Innovation Strategy exchange meeting and Semi-annual Work meeting at Ningbo Nanyuan Xinzhi Hotel on July 18th. More than fifty executives from the headquarter and the subsidiaries attended the conference.  

The meeting was hosted by Mrs.Gao Ping, the vice chairman of the company. Firstly, the G.M. of the subsidiaries briefly reported their half-year operation situation, and put forward effective measures for the next half of the year. They also reported their development strategy on the innovative transformation for a sustainable development. Mrs.Yang Xiaojun, the financial director of Ningshing Holdings, delivered an analysis report on the company’s first half-year financial situation.

Mr.Wu Yigang, the chairman of Ningshing Holdings, gave a thematic speech, in which he briefly concluded the basic result of the first half-year operation, and put forward main work missions and requirements for the following half year. He fully affirmed the strategic thinking and research that the subsidiaries made, and that all should determine and implement the transformation development plan. He emphasized that innovation transformation would be the key task of the following half-year and next period, and that all should effectively promote and implement the following seven innovation missions, including specialized operation development, industrial chain butt-joint, supply chain integration, the combination of manufacture, trade and research, product and technology innovation, the combination of on-line and off-line, and the innovation of mechanism. He required that, all employees of Ningshing should take steps toward innovation transformation, open up a favourable new situation, and achieve new breakthrough.




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