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Ningshing Organized Thematic Party Day Activity to Celebrated Communist Day

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The Party Committee of Ningshing Holdings organized a thematic Party day activity on June 29th, which was held to commenmorate the 97 anniversary of Chinese Communist’s establishment, cherish the memory of our revolutionary martyrs, keep learning and going forward with original intention, strengthen  the company’s team building, inspire working passion. More than 160 people including party member and applicant for party membership participated in this activity.

In the morning, all the company’s Party members holded a thematic activity in Siming Mountain Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Square, the aim of the activity was to cherish the memory of our revolutionary martyrs, and review oath. Under the host of Mr.Huang Yongzeng, the company’s party committee member and Ningshing’s vice-president, The Internationale was played, and flower basket was presented politely by representatives of Party members, and all the Party members bowed three times to the martyrs.

Then, Mr.Xu Guangjie, the vice-general manager of Footwear Department from Ningshing Trading Group, gave a speech as the representative, in which he expressed the determination to inherit the glorious revolutionary tradition, devote himself into work and life with more energy and enthusiasm, make new breakthrough by innovation, and make positive contribution to Ningshing’s persistent development.

 Mr.Qiu Song, the representative of young Party member and the secretary of Ningshing’s Youth Committee, gave a speech. He expressed the willness to convey the Party’s advanced thought and Ningshing’s mission to young Youth League members, the Youth League members of Ningshing should be patriots, fighters and doers, become the young fresh acitivists of Ningshing’s innovation development.

Mrs.Gao Ping, gave a speech for Ningshing’s Party Committee. She pointed out that, the Siming spirit contained profound cultural foundation and rich thought intention, which was the spirit wealth that inspiring all of us keep going with original intention, and was also the powerful motivation that helped to overcome all difficulties and realize the national rejuvenation and China Dream. Mrs.Gao also required that all the party members in the company should learn Siming spirit and the spirit of President Xi’s letter to the village of Hengkantou, Party organizations at all level should centre on Ningshing’s mainline of innovation development, improve the organizing ability of basic Party organzations, strengthen the ideal and belief education, and offer sound organizational guranttee and spirtual motivation to the company’s sustainable scientific development.

At last, led by Mrs.Gao, all the Party members reviewed the Party oath before majestic Revolutionary Martyrs Monument. Then the participaters visited eastern Zhejiang anti-Japan base site in the village of Hengkantou, reviewed the history, cherished the memory of our revolutionary martyrs, and learnt the spirit of President Xi’s letter to the village of Hengkantou.

In the afternoon, all the Party members visited Fotile Group located in Hangzhou Bay New Zone. During the visit, the participaters visited the Fotile’s exhibition hall, user experience centre and producting department, learnt innovation development, qualified operation, enterprise cultural construction, Party construction and scentific management of Fotile Group, experienced the spirit of ingenuity and vigour of innovation. Through comparison and self-examination, all the company’s Party members were greatly inspired and harvested.

During the activity, all the Party members actively participated in the serial activities including Party construction knowledge contest, red songs, and casually clap. This thematic Party Day activity was rich in content, which inspired the sense of pride and the sense of mission, encouraged to firm ideals and beliefs, and devote to Ningshing’s development with greater enthusiasm and more uplifting spirit, and make new contribution to the company’s future development.




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