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Ningshing Held the Symposium of the First “Mentors and Disciples” Activity

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      Ningshing launched the first “Mentors and Disciples” activity last August, the aim of which was to enhance the company’s talent construction, take the advantage of brilliant key staff’s talent, and promote the growth of young staff. In order to carry out the activity in a deep-going way, summarize the enforcement of the first “Mentors and Disciples”, and definite the next requirements of the activity, Ningshing Holding held the first “Mentors and Disciples” work exchange symposium in the meeting room of Tianning Mansion in Ningbo.       There were nearly 40 persons participating in the symposium, namely the top leaders from Ningshing, the mentors and disciples, and the leaders with specific duties and office directors from Ningshing’s subsidairies,

During the forum, the representatives of mentors Dai Lei, Wang Jun and Xu Yuelai, and representatives of excellent disciples Lu Shengji, Zhou Baijiang, Cai Lingxiao and Shu Jianwei gave the thematic speech respectively, in which they shared their gains and experience during the activity, and put forward several suggestions on the next period of the activity.

      Mrs. Li Junbo, the vice general manager of Ningshing Trading Group, and Mr. Jiang Ning, the vice general manager and branch secretary of Ningshing Special Steel Group, briefly summarized their implement and deficiency of the activity, and put forward constructive plans on the next actions.

      Mrs.Gao Ping, Ningshing’s vice chairman and its party secretary, put forward work requirements on “Mentors and Disciples”. She emphasized that this activity was an important way to improve young staff’s talent and work ability, and that each company should pay high attention to it, create good atmosphere, select brilliant mentors and good disciples, formulate the acitivity programme, definite activity requirements, and enhance the examination, stimulation and coummunication. At last, Mrs. Gao raised her expectation and requirements to all mentors and disciples.

      In late May, Ningshing Holdings would carry out “Mentors and Disciple” activity broadly as the long-term talent strategy.



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