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NSC Foreign Trade Platform Joined the CICGF 2018

Date : 2018-06-08 16:08:53Views :

The 17th China International Consumer Goods Fair (CICGF 2018), the 4th China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo and the 20th China Zhejiang Investment&Trade Symposium opened on 7th, June, 2018. More than 12 thousand businessmen from 70 countries and regions came together, and sought for cooperative opportunities through contact and communication. Ningshing Cloud foreign trade integrated service platform joined the CICGF 2018, as the most representative foreign trade public service platform in Ningbo.

Ningshing Cloud foreign trade service platform provided integrated services, including import&export agency service, Cross-border E-commerce service, business incubation, financing, and supply chain management. Its advantages and features attracted consulation from many businessmen, the exhibitors from Ningshing introduced the companys services, and the hospitable and attentive service received high praise, which improved the brand reputation of NSC.

Mr.Wu Yigang, the Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, and several excutives from Ningshing, visited the exhibition on 8th, June. He enquired the Ningshing Cloud’s participation condition in CICGF 2018, and affirmed the presentation content, overall image and the spirit of participators in this exhibition. He encouraged that, under this new foreign trade situation, Ningshing Cloud platform should cater to the business demands, make innovative breakthrough, and become bigger and stronger.

During the exhibition, Mr.Fang Zhuoyi, the Director General of Haishu Bureau of Commerce, and Mr.Ying Jun, the Deputy Director General of Haishu Bureau of Commerce, visited the stand of Ningshing Cloud platform. They heard the operation situation of NSC foreign trade platform, affirmed the development of the NSC platform, and offered guidance and encouragement for the next step development.




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