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Ningshing Trading Group Organized the Signing Ceremony of 2018 “Mentors and Disc

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Ningshing Trading Group launched the overall “Mentors and Disciples” activity, and organized 2018 signing ceremony of the activity on August, 2th, the aim of which was to enhance the company’s talent construction, take the advantage of brilliant key staff’s talent, and promote the growth of young staff. There were 18 persons participating in this ceremony, including the executives from the company’s admin office, the mentors and disciples, and representatives of new employees.

During the ceremony, Mrs.Li Junbo, the Deputy General Manager of Ningshing Trading Group, announced Ningshing Holdings mentor’s appointment list of the “Mentors and Disciples” activity, and issued the certificate for the second batch of mentors. After that, the mentors and disciples signed the Training Agreement. The disciples bowed to their respective mentors, and the mentors presented the books to their disciples, encouraged the disciples to work and study hard, and try to achieve better results.

The representatives of mentors and disciples gave a speech respectively. Mrs.Zou Runmiao, the Deputy Manager of Clothing Department, delivered a speech as the representative of the mentors, in which she expressed that she would fullfill the responsibility of mentor, communicate her ten years’ work experience and proffessional knowledge to her disciples, help to improve their specialized knowledge skill, and she also hoped that, she and disciples could learn from each other, and achieve common progress. Mr.Cui Shengkai, the salesman of NSC, delivered a speech as the representative of the disciples, in which, he concluded his gains and promotions in his last year’s activity, and he expressed that, he would treasure this valuable opportunity, and work hard to improve his skills, use the learned theoretical knowledge in practical works, conduct business creatively, and make contribution to the company’s development.

At last, Mrs.Li Junbo delivered a speech, as the representative of the company’s admin office, in which she pointed out that, the “Mentors and Disciples” activity was an overall and long-term work which could provide Ningshing with talent resource support, and was meaningful to the company’s innovative and sustainable development. She required that, the companys and departments should attach importance to propaganda, and carry out this activity in an efficient way. The mentors could teach the disciples in accordance of their aptitude, communicate their knowledge, technology and experience to the disciples, and the disciples as a willing learner, should treasure this opportunity, improve their problem-solving and innovative ability. Through “Mentors and Disciples” activity, Ningshing could form a good learning atmosphere, enhance the company’s talent construction, and realize stable and healthy development.



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