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Training Course for New Staff of year 2018

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Release time:2018-09-21

In order to make the new employees fully understand the development process and business philosophy of Ningshing Holdings, to learn the company's corporate culture and rules & regulations more systematically, to improve the professional accomplishment, to adapt to the work position as soon as possible and be integrated into Ningshing team, Ningshing Holdings held the 2018 annual new employees training course at Ningbo College of Education on September 19, 2018. Over 50 new employees from headquarters and subordinate companies participated in the training.

On the training, Gao Ping, the vice chairman, gave a report entitled "The course of Ningshing Development and Corporate Culture", explaining the 20 years development history of Ningshing, expounded the Ningshing’s corporate culture, which was precipitated and refined in the process of the company’s development and growth. She requested everyone to read the connotation of Ningshing culture and put it into practice in the daily work, and put forward expectations and requirements to all new employees on how to become a qualified and outstanding Ningshing person. Zheng Haibo, Qi Yun, and Wang Ying , as the outstanding old staff representatives, shared their growth and experience in Ningshing and relevant work advice to the new colleagues. The Administration Office explained the Employee Manual and company management system.

During the training, the Company invited Mrs. Xiao Beijing, a pfrofessional talent trainer, to give a special course on "Professional training and Execution enhancement", so as to enhance the professionalism of new employees and improve their execution and work efficiency. Finally, the new employees demonstrated the training results through written tests, sharing and discussion.



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