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Release time:2018-09-28

In the afternoon of September 28, Ningshing Holdings held the second general managers salon in the meeting room of Yuehu town. Over 50 people, including the senior management team of Ningshing Holdings, the general managers of all the subsidiaries, and all the members of "Talent Training Course" attended the activity. Ms. Xu Yafen, the chairman of Zhejiang Wanli Group and the board chairman of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, and the lawyer Mr. Xu Wanjun, the director of management committee of Beijing Dacheng (Hangzhou) Law firm, are specially invited to share the topic in this salon.

The salon activity was presided by Nignshing vice chairman Gao Ping. First of all, Mrs. Xu Yafen shared “the core qualities of an excellent enterprise management team”. Through her passionate lecture, everyone not only felt Xu Yafen’s sincere heart in education, her dedication to work without distraction, her selfless love for the country and society, but also learned the insight, responsibility mission, sea mind and good ideas of excellent entrepreneurs. Applause broke out at the scene of the lecture constantly, and everyone was moved and encouraged. The second part of salon activity was "Innovation and Competitiveness" shared by the lawyer Xu Wanjun, telling about the impact of investment, operation and change on competitiveness, and the innovative approaches such as structural connection, alternative solution, reverse thinking and so on. The course content was detailed, the case was typical and abundant, and the practicability was strong. In the end, the participants shared their views with each other, and were enlightened in innovative ideas, improving quality and strengthening abilities.



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