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THe Grand Opening Ceremony of Ningshing DJM Footwear in Dominican Republic

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      In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign tradebusiness, to implement the "going out strategy" and to strengthen theintegration of trade, industry and R&D, Ningshing Trading Group, asubsidiary of Ningshing Holdings, established an overseas production base offootwear in Dominican Republic in Central America at the end of year 2017.Under the active promotion of the company and the strong support of allconcerned, DJM footwear industry base completed plant design, the installation andthe commissioning of production line, team formation, training and employment withina very short period of time. The production technology and quality had exceededthe level of domestic similar factories, which was highly recognized byEuropean and American brand customers. A grand  commencementceremony was therefore held on October 18, 2018.


      China and Dominican established formal diplomaticrelations on May 1 this year. As the first industrial project of Chineseenterprises after the establishment of diplomatic relations between China andDominican, the opening ceremony of Ningshing DJM footwear had been highlyvalued and aroused widespread attention. The Dominican President, Mr. Danilo Medina Sánchezand Chinese Ambassador to Dominican, Mr. Zhang Run were invited to thecommencement ceremony. President Medina was accompanied by top-rankingofficials from the Dominican government. Wu Yigang, Chairman of NingshingHoldings, Huang Yongzeng, Vice President of Ningshing Holdings, Zhang Lei,Executive Vice President of Ningshing Trade Group, Tong Xiaojian, GeneralManager of DJM Footwear Co, Xu Guangjie, Deputy General Manager of DJM FootwearCo., and the head of departments of Ningshing, Mrs. Gu Yilin, and Mr. Sheng Bin,composed a seven-member delegation to attend the commencement ceremony. Therepresentatives from Dominican Chamber of Commerce and companies were alsoinvited to the ceremony. A total of more than 260 people gathered together to witnessand celebrate the official launching of Ningshing (Dominican) DJMfootwear industry base.


      The opening ceremony was held in front of theDJM Footwear Factory, which was located in Tamboril free trade industrial park. The venue was solemnlydecorated, with a redbanner "China Ningshing(Dominican) DJM Footwear Industry Base Opening Ceremony" hanging in the venue. On the background board of theconference, logos of Ningshing,DJM and ZFT (Tamboril Free Trade Zone)weredisplayed. The background LED screen played the profiles of Ningshing Holdings, showing themain business and image of Ningshing to the guests.


      The ceremony began with warm applause.Dominican President Medina and Chinese Ambassador Mr. Zhang Run stepped intothe venue, greeted to the audience and took a seat on the rostrum. There were alsoothers distinguished guests sitting on the rostrum. They were Minister ofIndustry and Commerce, Minister of Interior and Police, Administrative Ministerof the Presidency, Executive Director of the National Competitiveness Council,President of the Dominican Free Trade Zone Association, President of thePatrimonial Fund of the Reformed Companies, Director of the National Free ZoneCouncil and Governor of the Santiago. Chairman Wu Yigang, Vice President HuangYongzeng of NingshingHoldings, General Manager Tong Xiaojian of Ningshing Footwear Co., Ltd. seated at the rostrum.


      Mr. Mícalo Bermúdez,, the President of TamborilFree Trade Industrial Park and the partner of Ningshing DJM in Dominican,delivered a speech. He warmly congratulated the successful opening of NingshingDJM, thanked the Dominican government for its strong support to the TamborilFree Trade Industrial Park, and briefly introduced the basic conditions,preferential policies and quality services of the park.


      Mrs. Luisa Fernandez, the Director of theNational Free Zone Council, delivered a speech. She warmly welcomed andstrongly supported Ningshing DJM to entry into Dominican Free Trade IndustrialPark, and said that the government would implement positive incentives, provideefficient and high-quality government services and promote the development ofdomestic and foreign enterprises in the Dominican Republic.


      Mr. Wu Yigang, Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, spoke onbehalf of Ningshing DJM. He sincerely thanked the Dominican government for itsstrong support for Ningshing DJM footwear industry project, thanked the ChineseEmbassy for its kind support and guidance, thanked the Tamboril Free Trade Zonefor meticulous and thoughtful service, thanked the Ningshing DJM globalcustomers for strong support, and specially thanked the Dominican and Chineseemployees for their diligent hard work in Ningshing DJM. He pointed out that itwas due to the support and positive efforts of all parties invloved that thestart of production was successfully completed in just eight months, which hadcreated the speed of China!


      Chairman Wu Yigang pointed out that theDominican Republic was the first choice for investment and trade in theCaribbean. The establishment of Ningshing Footwear Industry base in Dominican wouldhelp the company to better develop the vast American market and provide moreaccurate and high-quality services to customers in the region. In the nextthree years, Ningshing would actively build a world-class footwear productionbase in DR, and was confident to achieve the goal of annual production capacityof 2 million pairs of shoes.

      He said that the companywould also work with Dominican partners to explore more investmentopportunities. He hoped that through the successful practice of Ningshing DJM, Ningshingcould make full use of the good local investment environment and policies andhigh- quality government efficiency, so as to bring more Chinese enterprises toinvest and develop in the Dominican Republic. He pointed out that Ningshingwould make positive efforts to promote the economic development of theDominican Republic and mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between the twocountries. He finally wished a everlasting friendship between China andDominican! There aroused warm applause at the scene.

      News media in Dominican had made headlinesfor commencement ceremony of Ningshing DJMFootwear Industry. The ceremony aroused strong reactions among the localbusiness circles and overseas Chinese businessmen. Mr. Cen Shunqin, the former Presidentof the Santiago Overseas Chinese Association, came to congratulate with his wife,said that the opening ceremony was very successful and showed a good image ofChinese enterprises. He would like to thank Ningshing DJM for winning honor forthe local Chinese.


Before and after the ceremony


      Before theceremony, Dominican President Medina had a private interview with Chairman Wu Yigangand the representatives of Ningshing DJM. Chairman Wu Yigang presented a giftto President Medina.



      Chairman Wu Yigang and the delegationvisited Mr. Zhang Run, the Chinese Ambassador to Dominican Republic, on thefirst day of their visit to the DR. Ambassador Zhang Run said that it was just the right time for Ningshingto invest DJM Industrial Project in Dominica. He hoped that the project wouldbe done well and that the embassy would provide active support and assistance.


      Chairman Wu Yigang inspected the production lineof DJM footwear industry base and exchanged with the staff.


      Chairman Wu Yigang visited Dominicanpartner Tamboril FreeTrade Zone and President Micalo.Both sides exchanged views on exploring new investment and development opportunities.



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