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2018 Ningshing Holdings’ Walking Race Along Dongqian Lake

Date : 2018-11-28 17:45:55Views :

      On November 25,Ningshing Holdings’s enterprise union organized Walking Race along DongqianLake of Ningbo. Ningshing Holdings’ chairman WU Yigang, party chief, vice-chairmanand union president Gao Ping, vice president Huang Yongzeng, subsidiaries’managers and other 300 staffs composed 25 teams.

      The competitionstarted with vice chairman Gao Ping’s start slogan. The whole walking distancewas 8 km, along which all staffs of Ningshing struggled in the competition,showed power and passion. Finally, 1st Teamof Ningbo Ningshing Trading Group gained championship, 1st Team of NingboNingshing Kinhil and 3rd Team of Ningbo Sinomach NingshingAutomobile Investment won the 2nd place, 1st Team of NingboNingshing Special-steel, Team of Ningbo Ningshing Yoyou and 4th Teamof Ningbo Ningshing Special-steel won the 3rd place.

      This walkingcompetition aimed to motivate the spirit of cooperation and striving, enhancethe team sense of honor and mission and show positive spirit. NingshingHoldings will organize more activities to promote staffs and enterprisesdevelopment.



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