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A Themed Salon to Celebrate Women’s Day

Date : 2019-03-11 17:52:46Views :

      Ningshing Holdings held a theme salon "Healthy Life, Beautiful Life" on March 8, 2019 in Ningbo Hotel with a participation of 200 female staff from the subsidiaries. The salon was held to celebrate the 109 anniversary of International Working Women’s Day, which also aimed to express the care of the company, pay attention to the health of employees, enrich their lives, and spend a pleasant and meaningful holiday.

      Mrs. Gao Ping, the company’s vice-chairman, party secretary and chairman of the union, made a speech first. On behalf of the company’s Top management team, party committee and the union, she conveyed the holiday greetings and best wishes to all female clerks of the company. She affirmed their contribution to the innovation and development of the company for many years, and wished that Ningshing female employees could properly handle the relationship between work VS family, work VS study, and work VS health, play a "half-sky" role in the company, and make a more positive contribution to the company’s innovation, transformation and high-quality development. 

      In particular, this salon has invited Mr. Jiang Hui, Chief doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of Ningbo Haishu Xincheng Chinese Medicine Association, and Mr. Wu Weichun, member of Commercial Photography Branch of Chinese Photographers Society, to make lectures named respectively "Health Preserving of Traditional Chinese Medicine" and "Mobile Photography Skills", and to share health and art to all the female employees. The atmosphere was pleasant and relaxing, which made a wonderful celebration.



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