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A Voluntary Blood Donation to Support the Battle against Covid-19

Date : 2020-04-22 18:45:01Views :

      On the morning of April 21st, Ningshing once again organized a Voluntary Blood Donation among its employees, contributing to the fight against coronavirus epidemic and demonstrating Ningshing’s commitment in social responsibility.

      The wetter weather could not dampen everyone's enthusiasm for blood donation. The participants came to the site one after another before eight o'clock in the morning. There were totally 64 people signing up to donate. After several physical examinations, there were 47 people qualified for the donation and contributed their blood, showing that the epidemic could not stop love and charity. Gao Ping, vice chairman of Ningshing Holdings and secretary of the party committee, came to the scene and fully affirmed the great love of Ningshing employees who devoted themselves to participate in public welfare. She pointed out that Ningshing will continue to carry out various charity activities and called on more Ningshing people to join.



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