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Chairman Wu Yigang attended the dinner hosted by Dominican Embassy in China

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      Atthe invitation of the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in China, Chairman WuYigang of Ningshing Holdings attended a high-level reception dinner hosted bythe Dominican Embassy in China on the evening of November 5. President DaniloMedina Sanchez of the Dominican Republic attended the dinner and gave a speech.The reception dinner was held at Four Seasons Hotel in Shanghai.  

PresidentMedina was accompanied by the senior officials such as the Foreign Minister andthe Information Minister of Dominican, as well as top entrepreneurs from differentfields such as the manufacturing free trade zone, tourism and investment.Chairman Wu Yigang attended the dinner together with Mr. Huang Yongzeng, Vice Presidentof Ningshing Holdings, Mr. Tong Xiaojian, General Manager of Ningshing DominicaDJM Footwear Company and Mrs. Gu Yilin, Administration Director of NingshingHoldings.

      Atthe reception dinner, Mr. Briunny Garabito Segura, the first Ambassador of the DominicanRepublic to China, delivered a welcoming speech. Mr. Medina, President of theDominican Republic delivered a speech introducing theeconomic situation, investment policies, environment and advantages of theDominican Republic. He said that Dominica would further expand the scope of opening-up,enhance the vitality of development and join hands with China.

      During the dinner, Chairman Wu Yigang greeted President Medina, congratulated him on hissuccessful visit to China, and thanked him for attending the opening ceremonyof Ningshing Dominica DJM Footwear Base.



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