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Ningshing Ubay Convened 2018 "11.11" Mobilization

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      Ningshing Ubay 2018 "11.11" mobilizationmeeting began in a uniform slogan in the morning of November 7th. Themobilization was held in the high-tech warehouse of of Ningshing UBay in the bondedSouth District. More than 800 employees from three collaborative teams of UbayLogistics Company participated in the conference. The scene was full ofexcitement, the voices of the teams came and went and the atmosphere was warm.

      The conference speech was first delivered by Mr. WangWeimin, chairman of Ningshing Ubay, who expressed his affirmation and heartfeltthanks to all the staff for their preparation for the "Double 11". Hecalled that cadres at all levels should be encouraged to make full use of theremaining three days before the “final battle”, to think calmly, and to conducta thorough and careful examination of all the preparations. He wished that UbayLogistics complete the tasks of "Double 11" this yearcomprehensively, safely and smoothly, and achieve excellent results.

      Mr. Deng Yingchun, manager of the warehousedepartment, introduced the strategic deployment of "Double 11",stressing the importance of paying close attention to quality and making up fordeficiencies. The team leaders' speech on how to make the "Double 11"successful pushed the atmosphere of the conference to the climax. Theyexpressed their heartfelt experience in the past few years, which representedthe wishes of all the warehouse staffs. There was a lot of applause. At theevent, the “Cai Niao” representative Zhu Shengcong was invited to speak on thestage to help mobilize the conference.

      Finally, Mr. Shi Wei, the general managerof the company, made a summary speech and proposed that the "Double Eleven"period should be guaranteed with four key points, namely safety, quality,timeliness and quantity. He especially stressed that each warehouse muststrengthen safety management, improve safety awareness, and always put safetyfirst. Mr. Shi also pointed out that each team was a part of Ningshing Ubay family,and all the staff should focus on fighting "Double Eleven".

      At the end of the conference, all the staff raisedtheir arms and shouted the slogan of "Ningshing gathering power, againcreating resplendence". 



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