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A Visit by President Mr. Micalo Bermudez from MB Group

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      OnNovember 4, at the invitation of Mr. Wu Yigang, Chairmanof Ningshing Holdings, Mr. Micalo Bermudez, President of Tamboril ParqueIndutrial of the Dominican Republic, visited Ningshing Holdings. Chairman WuYigang greeted Mr. Micalo warmly with the senior management team and hosted aluncheon. Mr. Xu Jianhua, deputy director of Ningbo CommerceCommission, attended the meeting at Ningshing Holdings headquarters. Mrs. GaoPing, Vice Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, Mr. HuangYongzeng, Vice President of Ningshing Holdings, Zhang Lei, Executive Vice President of Ningshing Trade Group and TongXiaojian, General Manager of Ningshing Dominica DJM FootwearCompany, accompaniedthe reception. 

      During the talks, Chairman Wu Yigang thanked Mr. Micalo andTamboril Free Trade Zone for the full support to Ningshing Dominica DJM Footwear project. He said that the project had a very good start andthat the opening ceremony attended by Dominican President Medina was verysuccessful. He believed that Dominica had a good opportunity for developmentand hoped to further expand cooperation between the two sides in other industrialprojects. Mr. Micalo thanked Chairman Wu Yigang and Ningshing Holdings for thewarm greetings. He said that he would continue to support the development ofNingshing DJM project, and believed that there would be more opportunities forcooperation and development with Ningshing Holdings. Xu Jianhua, deputy directorof Ningbo Commerce Commission welcomed Mr.Micalo’s arrival. He said that the Chinese government encouraged enterprises to"go out", and that more excellent enterprises like Ningshing Holdingswould develop in Dominica. He also said that Ningbo Commerce Commission wouldactively promote and support investment, trade and industry introduction.

      Mr. Micalo was following a governmentdelegation led by Dominican President Medina to Beijing, and attending ChinaInternational Import Expo in Shanghai. His schedule was very compact. During hisshort visit to Ningbo, the company specially arranged Mr. Micalo to visitNingbo Zhoushan Port Co., Ltd., one of Ningshing’s shareholders, and itscontainer terminal. Mr. Micalo also paid a visit to the bonded logisticswarehouse of cross-border e-commerce of Ningshing Ubay in Ningbo Free TradeZone. Chairman Wu Yigang accompanied Mr. Micalo throughout the trip. 



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