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Ningshing Ubay Made a Splendid Appearance at 1st CIIE

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      On November 5th, 2018, the firstChina International Import Expo (CIIE) opened at the National Exhibition and ConventionCenter (Shanghai). President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at theopening ceremony, demonstrating China's courage and determination to promoteopen cooperation and achieve common development, and announcing new measures toexpand opening up. The Expo has attracted wide attention from the whole countryand even the whole world, which has brought broader development space forcross-border business.

      Ningshing Ubay entered the Expo as both apurchaser and a service provider, exhibited with Japanese cosmetics, food andother products, and contacted more foreign brand resources and domesticdistribution partners through the exhibition. Mr. Wang Weimin, Chairman of NingshingUbay, and Mrs. Shi Chenjia, the General Manager, were cordially received by Mr.Qiu Dongyao, the Mayor of Ningbo at Ubay booth. Mrs. Shi Chenjia as arepresentative of Ningbo Trading Group, received interviews from the People'sDaily, Zhejiang Daily and Modern Golden Daily.

      On the evening of November 9th, presidedover by Mr. Li Guanding, Vice Mayor of Ningbo City, and witnessed by Mayor QiuDongyao and other city leaders, Chairman Wang Weimin and General Manager ShiChenjia of Ningshing Ubay signed intentional cooperation agreements with JapanKirindo Holdings Co., Ltd. and Japan Fauvisme Co., Ltd. respectively, to reachpurchasing intentions for imported cosmetics and other productsand developnew space for the brand development of Ningshing Ubay Supply Chain.

      During period of the exhibition, thecompany invited the Association for the promotion of international trade,Japan, Kyoto office, and officers from Maizuru Government to visit Ningbo andthe company. Vice President of Ningshing Holdinds, Mr. Huang Yongzeng warmly greetedthe delegation, who also visited Ningshing Ubay Free Trade Zone LogisticsWarehouse and Ningbo Port Container Terminal.



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