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Ningshing Ubay Awarded the Zhejiang Advanced League Branch

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      The League Branch of Ningshing Ubay International TradeCo., Ltd. was commended by the Zhejiang Province Committee of the CommunistYouth League and awarded the honorary title of provincial advanced LeagueBranch in 2017.

      Ningshing Ubay was awarded as e-commerce demonstrationenterprise by the Department of Commerce of China. It has won the Tmall Global BillionClub Award and ranks first in Ningbo's cross-border purchasing enterprises forthree consecutive years. It is a young team with an average age of less than27. Since its establishment, Ningshing Ubay has given full play to the role ofyouth members of the company. Regarding the business objectives and the centraltask of innovative development, the League Branch has continuously strengthenedthe organization and system construction. Taking the Youth CivilizationDemonstration Post, it established the Youth Civilization, organized a trainingcourse of "Career-based, adhering to Quality Civilization Service", developedthe team activities and youth volunteer service as the starting points, giving full play to advantages, gathering strength,effectively carrying out the work of the Communist Youth League, and playing avital role in the innovation and development of the company. Ningshing UbayLeague Branch will continue to lead Youth League members don't forget the firstthought and move forward, contributing youth and wisdom to the development ofthe company.



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