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The 2018 Annual Summary Conference and Year-end Party of Ningshing Holdings

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      On January 24,Ningshing Holdings held the 2018 Annual Summary Conference and Year-end Partyat Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel. More than 800 employees from the headquarters, subsidiariesand regional representatives attended the conference. 


      The Summary Conference was presidedover by Mrs. Gao Ping, the vice chairman of Ningshing. The meeting firstheard Chairman Wu Yigang's 2018 work report on the theme of "Innovational,professional, focusing and Winning," summing up the company's 2018 workperformance and effectiveness, and deployed the main tasks for 2019. ChairmanWu Yigang pointed out that in year 2019, Ningshing should take innovationplanning as the guide, take quality and efficiency as the center, deepenspecialized management, strengthen the docking of the industrial chain, promotethe construction of trade, industry, and research, pay attention to innovativeresearch and development, strengthen the integration and coordination ofresources. And improve business quality and Ningshing brand.  

      In 2018, allthe staff worked hard to carry forward the spirit of Ningshing and thereemerged a large number of advanced collectives and individuals with outstandingachievements. The conferencegave a grand recognition to advanced group andindividuals. Mr. Wang Wenzhao, Mr. Wu Guanzhong, Tong Xiaojian, Mrs.ShiChenjia, and Mrs. Zheng Hui spoke on behalf of advanced collectives andindividuals. The general managers of subsidairies made a positive statement oncompleting the tasks and goals in year 2019.

      Finally, atheme speech competition and wonderful stage performances was held followed by aGrand dinner party. The reception also specially invited the leaders ofthe relevant departments of the city, representatives of the company'sshareholders, as well as the major partners and friends. All the participantshad a good time and enjoyed a wonderful evening.



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