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“The Power of Reading”-- Ningshing Readers Series Activities

Date : 2019-04-29 09:14:37Views :

      In order to motivate Ningshing employees’ enthusiasm for study, to create a good atmosphere of reading, to understand the beauty of language and to promote work and life, the Labor Union & Youth League of Ningshing Holdings organized a series of activities named “the power of reading”. The first activity themed “Persistence” was held on April 26, 2019 in The Red Dowry Bookstore of Ningbo.

      Nearly 70 Reading enthusiasts from Ningshing participated in the above activity. Mrs. Gao Ping, Vice-Chairman, Party Secretary and chairman of the labor union of Ningshing Holdings, encouraged young employees to inherit Ningshing spirit, read more books and more good books so as to learn from models, enrich emotion and thinking, and enhance the power of spirit. In accordance of the topic of persistence, there were 11 reading enthusiasts reading out pieces of their favorite articles and sharing the reading and working experience. There were also some from the management team sharing the stories and experiences of reading and persistence, and encourage young employees to insist on reading and follow their initial dream.

      This activity invited Mr. Li Hao, a senior media person and the founder of The Red Dowry Bookstore and "Hao GE Reading", to share his reading experience. Mr. Li read out a classic article named “weed”, which motivated employees’ interest of reading. Mr. Huang Jiangwei, a famous brand planning and management expert and an influential economic and cultural figures in Ningbo, shared his experiences in this activity.

      The whole course of the activity was full of climax and the respond was enthusiastic. All the employees who participated in the event said that the activity was very meaningful and fruitful. Ningshing Holdings will continue to organize such activities in order to develop reading and communication platform. 



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