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“New Era Women’s Literacy and Quality Life” Theme Salon

Date : 2019-05-20 16:55:29Views :

      As one of Women's Day series activities of Ningshing Holdings, the theme salon “New Era Women's Literacy and Quality Life”, organized by Ningshing Trade Group, was held on May 17, 2019 in Roulan Time Lady Academy of Hefeng Creative Square. Mrs. Gao Ping, the company’s vice-chairman, party secretary and chairman of the union, led more than 20 female general managers and female administrators of the subsidiaries to participate in this activity.

      This activity specially invited Mrs. Kong Weiying, Professor of Ningbo University, to give a lecture about improvement of female literacy. Professor Kong introduced with rich contents and examples the development of equality between men and women, the five aspects of women in the new era, the social role of women, and the etiquette details of women's cultivation. She also gave a vivid and practical lecture on how modern women can be "cultured, high-quality and beautiful". After the class, the female cadres were still lost in the scene. They consulted and discussed with Professor Kong on how to solve the contradictions in life and work, family education and other issues. The second part of the activity invited Mr. He Qiufan, Ningbo Radio Host and magazine columnist, to share the appreciation of the classic movie music in the 40 years of reform and opening up with the female cadres, bringing the memories of the times and beautiful art enjoyment. Vice Chairman Gao Ping made her speech. She pointed out that the female managers of Ningshing should maintain the spirit of “Androgyny”. She hoped that they should not only have women’s unique sensitivity, perseverance, understanding and affinity of transposition thinking, but also have a strong sense of pioneering, decisive, courageous and upward, as well as the wisdom and elegance of life, and constantly improve women’s aesthetic taste and interest, and strive to give full play to women's greatest ability and charm. The female managers from various departments and companies had a thorough and pleasant exchange on their career and life. Finally, the salon ended up with wonderful songs and laughter.



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