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The County Chief of Zhoushan Daishan Visited Ningshing

Date : 2019-06-27 15:31:22Views :

      On June 26, Mr. Zhou Guoling, the County chief of Daishan of Zhoushan led a group of 5 people in charging of relevant departments in the county visited Ningshing Holdings. Mr. Wu Yigang, the chairman of Ningshing, together with Vice Chairman Mrs. Gao Ping, President Mr. Huang Yongzeng, Vice President Mrs. Yang Xiaojun greeted the delegation warmly. Mr. Wu Yigang gave a brief report on the progress of the Daishan Project and the related issues needed to be addressed. Mr. Wu also mentioned the intention as to introduce the state-level enterprise to develop projects of new materials and petrochemical supporting facility in Daishan region. Mr. Zhou Guoling thanked Ningshing Holdings for supporting Daishan’s economic development and said that he would give active policy support and facilitation guarantees to the promotion of existing investment projects and the introduction of new projects by Ningshing. 

      Also present at the meeting were Mr. Liu Jingyu, the director of general department, Mr. Liu Shifeng, the director of the economic development zone, Mr. Fei Cunhua, the vice president of the people's court, Mr. Feng Bin, the secretary of the western Daishan.



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