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President of Samyang (South Korea) visited Ningshing

Date : 2019-07-25 15:27:38Views :

      On July 19 2019, a delegation of nine people from Samyang (South Korea) led by its President Kim Jung Soo visited Ningshing Holdings for its general distribution business with Ningshing Ubay, a subsidiary of Ningshing Holdings. Chairman Wu Yigang and President Huang Yongzeng from Ningshing Holdings, together with Chairman Wang Weimin and General Manager Shi Chenjia from Ningshing Ubay greeted the delegation with warmth and hospitality. Chairman Wu gave a brief introduction of the development of Ningshing and the achievements of the cooperation between the two parties, He also expressed gratitude to Samyang Company for its trust in Ningshing. President Kim Jung Soo highly appreciated Ningshing Ubay’s active efforts for the cooperation between the two sides, expressed her gratitude to Ningshing Holdings for its strong support and hoped that the two sides continue to deepen the cooperation.

      President KIM and her members also went to Ningbo Free Trade Zone to visit Ningshing Ubay’s warehouses designated for cross-board business. They focused on the warehouse where the joint-projects between the two sides were located. The two parties also held a business seminar during the visit.

      The trip of President KIM and her delegation in China lasted 6 days. As Samyang’s general distribution agent in China, Ningshing Ubay accompanied the whole journey to visit the markets of Harbin, Changchun, Dalian, and other northeast provinces, further deepening Samyang’s understanding of the Chinese market and also Ningshing Ubay, and laying the foundation for further cooperation between the two sides.



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