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The 2019 Annual Summary Conference and Year-end Party of Ningshing

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      On January 14th, 2020, Ningshing Holdings held the 2019 Annual Summary Conference and Year-end Party at Nanyuan Hotel in Ningbo. Nearly 1,000 employees from the headquarters, subsidiaries and regional representatives participated.

      The summary commendation conference was chaired by Vice Chairman Gao Ping. The meeting first heard the President Huang Yongzeng's 2019 annual work report on the theme of "Continuous Innovation, Strong Momentum, Quality Management for Development", summarizing the company's 2019 annual work performance and the main work having been promoted, and deployed the main work tasks for 2020. President Huang Yongzeng pointed out that in year 2020, we should focus on product operation and specialization as the main line, promote the construction of seven major operating brands, grasp the operation of eight production bases, concentrate on operating ten major professional products, strengthen technical research and development and innovative design, and improve operational capabilities of key projects, improving operational liquidity, strengthening information system construction, and improving overall coordination and management efficiency.

      Chairman Wu Yigang delivered a speech on "Focus & dedication and to create a win-win situation". He highly affirmed Ningshing's work in 2019 and pointed out that 2020 will be the most important beginning year of the new decade. All industries in Ningshing must seize opportunities, adhere to the business philosophy of Ningshing, actively exert the advantages of specialized operations, make every effort to promote the effectiveness of key projects, being focused and dedicated, and work together to create a "win-win " vitality Ningshing, turning ideas into actions and goals, make greater contributions to the development of Ningshing, and add new splendor to employees’ personal life!

      The meeting gave a grand recognition to the collectives and individuals who performed outstanding achievements in 2019, and required all employees to take the advanced model as an example, carry forward the spirit of Ningshing, and make new contributions to promote the company's stable operation and achieve new breakthroughs in development. Nine representatives including Zhang Lei, Yan Jianbin, Shi Chenjia, Wu Guanzhong, Dai Lei, Wan Rong, Zhu Weidong, Wang Jun, Qiu Song made speeches at the conference, summarizing the work gains, and made positive statements on completing the tasks and goals for 2020.

      The conference also invited more than 50 partners from the headquarters and various sectors to celebrate the New Year and share the warm atmosphere of the Ningshing family. The president of Korea Sanyang, an important partner of Ningshing Ubay, came with a team to express their gratitude, presented a gift souvenir and thanked Ningshing for the support and cooperation over the past year.

      The conference held a wonderful welcome performance and New Year dinner.  All the participants had a good time and enjoyed a wonderful evening.  



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