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Leaders from Ningbo Municipal Committee Visited Ningshing

Date : 2020-04-07 11:04:53Views :

      On April 1st , 2020, Hu Jun, amember of the Standing Committee of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee andthe head of the United Front Department, went to Ningshing Holdings toinvestigate the impact of the epidemic on the company's foreign trade and thecorresponding proposals and recommendations. Wu Yigang, Chairman of NingshingHoldings, Gao Ping, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee andHuang Yongzeng, President of Ningshing Holdings attended the meeting. 

      Chairman Wu Yigang reported on the overall operationof Ningshing Holdings and the efforts to improve the core competitiveness ofthe company through continuous innovation and expansion in recent years.President Huang Yongzeng particularly reported the severe difficulties and hardsituation of the company's foreign trade development during the epidemic, suchas the sluggish industrial chain and the decrease of orders. He also reportedon a number of measures the company has taken to stabilize the order and expandthe market in response to the epidemic. President Huang also proposed to speedup the implementation of the financial benefit enterprise policy by government andgive full play to the role of CITIC Insurance. Minister Hu Jun affirmed NingshingHoldings over the years in terms of corporate innovation and development,business development and upgrading, party building and corporate cultureconstruction, and its dedication in social responsibilities. He pointed outthat Ningshing Holdings, as a backbone company in the foreign trade industry ofour city, must maintain its determination, strengthen confidence, seek progressin stability, as well as opportunities in times of crisis. He added thatNingshing may rationally analyze opportunities and work hard to makebreakthroughs in the integration of domestic trade, foreign trade and marketreplacement. He said that he would also put forward suggestions to themunicipal government to strengthen research on the requirements for increasingforeign trade development support during the epidemic period. 

      Also attending the meeting were ViceMinister Huang Hui and Vice Minister Hu Xuejian of the United Front Departmentof Ningbo.



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