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Ningshing Special-steel Group had Collaborative Interaction with ZML

Date : 2020-06-10 11:18:38Views :

      On June 5th, President Huang Yongzeng, Vice President Wang Wentong of Ningshing Holdings and General Manager Yan Jianbin of Ningshing Special- steel Group visited Ningbo Zhongmulian Cloud Technology Co.Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as ZML)and had an in-depth exchange with Song Hongjie, the Founder and Chairman of ZML. The two sides reached a broad consensus on the development prospects of the mold industry in the new era and close cooperation.

      Since its establishment, ZML cooperated deeply with well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and scientific research institutes in the mold industry. Currently, ZML had been developing into a complete industrial chain mold ecosystem integrating basic theoretical research, independent innovative design, high-end intelligent manufacturing and Internet sales and service in the mold industry. Ninshing Special-steel Group, as a leading enterprise in the field of mold material supply in China, had great advantages in material types, grades, processing equipment level and technical services.

      Through this exchange, Ningshing Special-steel Group had acquired more information on the development of precision manufacturing and mold technology, in terms of future industrial positioning, equipment upgrading, market development, technical services and benefit enhancement, Ningshing Special-steel Group had also strengthened its confidence in the development of this core business sector.

      Except the industrial development exchanges, the two sides also had deep exchanges on the Corporate Culture. ZML had a profound understanding of inheriting and promoting the culture of filial piety and had done a lot of work for it. Ningshing's corporate culture of "Co-creation, Sharing and Win-win" embodies great social responsibility. The cooperation between the two sides will be successful due to the synergy of industries and the integration of cultures.



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