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Zhoushan Ningshing Ship Building Held Grand Opening Ceremony

Date : 2020-06-13 14:39:33Views :

      On June 12th, Zhoushan Ningshing Ship Building & Repairing Co.Ltd (hereinafter referred to as NSSBR), which was acquired and reorganized by Ningshing Holdings, held a grand opening ceremony in the factory area located at Daixi Shipbuilding Industrial Base in Daishan County of Zhoushan city, Zhejiang Province.

      The major leaders and distinguished guests invited to attend the ceremony were: former Vice Chairman of Zhejiang CPPCC Ms. Chen Yanhua, former Deputy Secretary of Politics and Law Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Mr. Wu Bolun, Dean of Nanjing Institute of Overseas Business Administration Mr. Tong Longjun, General Manager of CNFC Overseas Fisheries Co. Ltd Mr. Ye Shaohua, Deputy Secretary General of China Fisheries Association Mr. Peng Binhui, Deputy Commissioner of Ningbo Customs Office Mr. Su Tie, Chairman of Ningshing (Holdings) Co. Ltd Mr. Chen Zhiang, Deputy General Manager of Ningshing (Holdings) Co. Ltd Mr. Jin Xiaolong, Deputy County Chief of Daishan County Mr. Zhuang Chenhui, and Chairman of Zhejiang Weizhen Investment Management Co .Ltd Ms. Xie Lijuan etc. Also participating in the ceremony were officials from various departments of Daishan County, representatives of relevant domestic trade associations, representatives of banks, and important partners of NSSBR including representatives of classification societies, ship owners and suppliers, and heads of various management sections of Ningshing Holdings and all employees of NSSBR. 

      Vice Chairman and Party Secretary of Ningshing Holdings Ms. Gao Ping presided over the opening ceremony.

      Firstly, former Vice Chairman of Zhejiang CPPCC Ms. Chen Yanhua, and Chairman of Ningshing Holdings Mr. Wu Yigang went on the stage and dotted the eyes of the lions to start the opening ceremony, implying the blessing and shining of Ningshing Ship Building. 

      President of Ningshing Holdings Mr.Huang Yongzeng, Chairman of Zhejiang Henghong Shipping Co.Ltd Mr.Shu Guobing, and Deputy County Chief of Daishan County Mr.Zhuang Chenhui delivered speeches respectively. Later, The Management team of NSSBR made a collective pledge that, as the employees of NSSBR, they would try their best to build a high-quality ship enterprise.

      NSSBR was a new and important business section of Ningshing Holding,It was of great strategic significance to optimize and improve the business portfolio of Ningshing Holdings, aiming to enhance its core competitiveness and maintain sustainable development. Ningshing Holdings' acquisition and restructuring of NSSBR was a reassurance for all ship-owners and a new impetus for the construction of Zhoushan's shipbuilding base and equipment manufacturing. This was not only an important achievement in Daishan County's efforts to attract investment, but would also inject new vitality into the transformation and upgrading of Daishan County's shipbuilding industry and the high-quality development of Daishan County's manufacturing industry.

      Finally, in the presence of the leaders and guests, Mr. Wu Yigang, Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, announced the opening of NSSBR. The opening ceremony of NSSBR was successfully completed. After that, the leaders and guests visited the five slipways and the ship which was being finally assembled.



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