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Ningshing Holdings Showed up at the 127th Canton Fair Online

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      On June 15th, the Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, was held for the first time in a new mode of one-stop, 24-hour online services and “cloud” exhibition with 50 virtual exhibition areas, 25,000 enterprises and about 1.8 million export commodities. Ningshing Trading Group, Ningshing Kinhil and Ningshing Hench, three subsidiaries of Ningshing Holdings engaged in foreign trade, participated in the exhibition with 35 business groups, 57 booths and over 900 products being displayed.

Make Every Effort for Preparation

      The three companies gathered the strength of the whole company and actively prepared for the live stream with the aid of new technology. Ningshing Trading Group gathered superior resources and created three professional teams, namely technical support, appearance models and gold medal anchors, to fully guarantee the wide communication online. The division of labor and cooperation among all departments of the whole company not only elaborately produced the company's overall dynamic introduction video, but also tried their best in product selection, video script writing, picture shooting and product interpretation in both Chinese and English version. These preparations created personalized, top-end and international function display and application experience for products.

      Ningshing Kinhil set up the online Canton Fair preparatory group more than one month in advance, and the general manager served as the team leader to divide the work and implement the preparatory work. Ningshing Kinhil actively participated in each training organized by the Bureau of Commerce and official website, repeatedly tested online applications from the aspects of platform use, uploading of enterprise information and exhibits to the live broadcast room, docking of platform for production, and also participated in the training and preheating of Zhejiang Famous Products Online Trade Fair to ensure the smooth progress of recording and broadcasting.

      Ningshing Hench made great efforts in product selection, video production and live training in preparation for the Canton Fair. On the first day, the company took the lead online with the fashion show, and collided with more new business opportunities through the mode of online catwalk show and online live broadcast negotiation.

Accurate, Professional and Collaborative

      In the 10 days 24-hour online live broadcast room, the salesmen who turned into anchors skillfully used marketing methods such as video demonstration, product display and live broadcast explanation, and adhered to the transformation principles of "precise audience" and "high-quality presentation", so that customers could fully understand the product, production process and quality standard. The whole process was vividly displayed to stimulate customers' negotiation motivation. In order to let customers know the product information more intuitively and create a better negotiation atmosphere, some operating departments moved the live broadcast room to the factory for real-life display. Some operating departments invited models to enter the live broadcast room to experience the product features to achieve the scene marketing effect. In order to overcome the problem that the platform couldn't accurately meet customers' needs, the anchors of each company took on the important task of preliminary negotiation, docking, communication and coordination with other customers of the company, and struck not to miss any customer inquiry information.

Create Advantages and Produce Results

      This online exhibition had obvious features such as huge flow, rapid spread, wide coverage of people and low exhibition cost,as well as the functions of strengthening product combing, enhancing departmental cooperation and cultivating " in internet Plus Model" talents had also been highlighted. Till now, Ningshing Holdings had released 902 product information online, participated in 172 live broadcasts, accepted 162 inquiries and 56 intention orders, and realized a turnover of about 1.6 million US dollars. Compared with previous years, there was a considerable decrease in customer inquiries and intention orders received by various companies. The reason was that "Convention and Exhibition in internet Plus Model" is still in its infancy due to the back-end technical support to the port "screen-to-screen" negotiation and the network environment and trading habits of foreign customers. However, this Canton Fair gives a clear signal to all foreign trade enterprises that the deep integration of online and offline exhibitions will be a general trend, and online exhibitions will become the norm. When dealing with emergencies and major social events, in internet Plus Model will play a more flexible advantage. This also puts forward more and higher new requirements for Ningshing Holding's companies to improve their internal strength, seize orders, develop and innovate, enhance their potential, constantly optimize the functions of various departments, constantly polish the "Ningshing Holding" gold business card, and create new competitive advantages of " in internet Plus Model".



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