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Ningshing Holdings Organized a Symposium to Celebrate the Anniversary of CPC

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      On July 1st, Ningshing Holdings Party Committee held a Symposium for the Party Members and Cadres to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The symposium reviewed the glorious course and great achievements of the Party, which enabled all Party members to draw strong spiritual strength from it, gather strength, invigorate their spirits, stand on their posts and make contributions. More than 40 Party members attended the symposium, including Party Committee members and Disciplinary Committee members of Ningshing Holdings, Secretaries of the general Party branch and branch secretaries, outstanding Party members and representatives of advanced Party organizations, and Party members and cadres of management teams of all subsidiaries.

      Ms. Gao Ping, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, made a speech entitled "Keeping the Struggle Spirit of the Communists Forever". In her speech, she emphasized that the glorious history of our Party reflects the struggle course of the Party and the people sharing the same breath and destiny. This year we are comprehensively building a moderately prosperous society, and going to witness the initial mission, ideals and beliefs of the Party and its ruling ability. The anti-epidemic struggle at the beginning of this year was also confirmed the remarkable political advantages of the leadership of the Communist Party of China and China's socialist system.

      She pointed out that during the 99 years’ development, Ningshing Holdings always insisted on strengthening Party building, adhered to the concept of "Party building is also productivity", attached importance to the deep integration of the Party building and production and operation management, emerged a large number of outstanding Communist Party members who were willing to contribute, love their posts and work hard, take care of the overall situation, be brave in innovation and forge ahead, and gave full play to the advantageous role of the Party building in continuous innovation and development. 

      She also demanded that Party organizations at all levels and all Party members should strengthen their beliefs and improve their ability to combine knowledge, belief and practice. It is necessary to strengthen the sense of responsibility, do it in practice, and walk in the forefront; it is necessary to strengthen the sense of innovation, adapt to changes, and be brave in breakthroughs; it is necessary to strengthen organizational construction and enhance the Party's organizational strength. Over half of this year's was past, under the severe and complicated situation, all Party members should strive to race against time, demand performance from the market, benefit from management, add luster to the organization, carry forward the burden, overcome difficulties, and become the vanguard and model to promote the sustainable innovation and development of Ningshing with practical actions, and strive for Ningshing dream.

      The symposium was presided over by Huang Yongzeng, Party Committee member and President of Ningshing Holdings. There were 12 advanced representatives speaking at the symposium. Combining with the great course of Party building, they described the role of Party members and cadres in the prevention and control of epidemic situation and the action of actively responding to severe pressure, and expressed the confidence and determination to adhere to the combination of Party building and production and management development and win the double-line victory of epidemic prevention and management. They also shared ideas and measures to strengthen the beliefs of Party members and strengthen the building of Party organizations. 

      The atmosphere of the symposium was warm, and the delegates spoke with passion, demonstrating the high morale of Ningshing Party members and cadres, the spirit of tackling difficulties and the spirit of starting a business. Finally, the symposium ended in the solemn international singing. 



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