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Ningshing Held Joint Semi-Annual Meeting

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      On July 17th, the 2020 Ningshing Joint Semi-Annual Meeting was held in Cordis Hotel & Resort located in Dongqian Lake, Ningbo. More than 60 members including Chairman Mr. Wu Yigang, Vice Chairman Ms. Gao Ping, President Mr. Huang Yongzeng and other leaders from the subsidiaries and headquarters attended the meeting.

      The meeting was presided by Vice President Mr. Wang Wentong. The participating members reported the operation in the first half of the year, summed up the work, identified the problems, analyzed the situation and exchanged the experiences. They also put forward the work plan and implementation measures for the next half of the year according to the problems and difficulties existing in their respective works.

      President Huang Yongzeng made a semi-annual work report entitled "Innovation, Endeavour and Breakthrough", which summarized the overall business performance of Ningshing Holdings in the first half of the year, and affirmed the efforts and achievements made by the subsidiaries in difficult circumstances, such as grasping epidemic prevention and control, improving professional management, promoting key projects, strengthening product upgrading, improving operational liquidity, and upgrading management efficiency etc. 

      In accordance with the economic situation in the next half of the year and Ningshing’s annual plan, Mr. Huang Yongzeng put forward the main tasks and requirements, emphasizing that the main operators and all staffs should keep their confidence and courage in facing difficulties, and keep their determination and perseverance in going against the trend. It is necessary to normalize the work of epidemic prevention, production and operation safety, operational liquidity, research & development, and "online and offline" parallel development; It is necessary to focus on products, stabilize exports, increase imports, strengthen domestic trade and vigorously promote the construction of production bases; It is necessary to continuously innovate and nurture new opportunities, and operate with quality to open new market.

      At last, Chairman Wu Yigang delivered a speech entitled "Going against the Trend to Achieve Goals", which spoke highly of the efforts demonstrated by the management teams to actively respond to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in the first half of the year to ensure the stable and orderly operation of Ningshing. These achievements were attributed to the active implementation of innovation and development plans and transformation and upgrading in recent years, the continuous improvement of business model, effective management, and the ability of competitiveness and risk resistance. At the same time, it was also due to all Ningshing staffs' hard work, dedication and great efforts.

      He also put forward five requirements for the work in the next half of the year: It is necessary to strengthen confidence, face challenges directly, give full play to the core role and take multiple measures to ensure the completion of the annual goals and tasks; It is necessary to strengthen the expansion and promotion of Ningshing's seven major business brands, carefully manage the construction of Ningshing's ten professional products and seven major manufacturing bases, and enhance the differentiated operating advantages of market segments; It is necessary to grasp key projects and give full play to the core advantages of trade, industry and research integration; It is necessary to actively explore and practice new models and new markets, accelerate the construction of informatization and digitalization, and increase the contribution rate of innovative businesses; and that everyone should strictly observe the defense line of risk control and actively reduce costs and increase efficiency.

      Finally, Mr. Wu Yigang asked the management teams at all levels to strengthen the spirit of "competition, hard work, struggle and cooperation", actively carry forward the Ningbo spirit of "four awareness", concentrate on innovation and development, and make Ningshing more professional, stronger and bigger.



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