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A Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation with NFESTC

Date : 2020-07-27 16:14:16Views :

      On July 22nd, Ningshing Holdings and Ningbo Foreign Enterprise Service & Trade Co. Ltd held a signing ceremony of strategic Cooperation on Ningshing Ship building & repairing. Mr. Wu Yigang, Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, Mr. Qian Guangfa, Chairman of NFESTC, and members of the management teams of both sides attended.

      The signing ceremony was presided over by Ms. Gao Ping, Vice Chairman of Ningshing Holdings. On behalf of both sides, Mr. Wu Yigang and Mr. Qian Guangfa signed a strategic agreement to jointly invest in the development of Zhoushan Ningshing Ship building & repairing Co. Ltd. 

      Chairman Wu Yigang said that the two companies had enjoyed the cooperation and friendship for more than 20 years. He thanked NFESTC for its trust in Ningshing and recognition in Zhoushan Ningshing Shipping Project, and welcomed the joint strategic investment. He pointed out that Zhoushan Ningshing Shipping project is a new business sector and an important shipbuilding base for Ningshing, which enjoys important strategic significance for improving and upgrading the company's business structure and enhancing sustainable development. The project has the characteristics and advantages of location superiority, professional management team, continuous operation and government support. He also believed that by giving full play to the advantages and making efforts together, the both sides could build a medium-sized ship building and repairing base with core technology, standardized management and brand-influential in Zhejiang. 

      Chairman Qian Guangfa said that NFESTC was quite honored to join the ship building field together with Ningshing. Although the ship industry was affected by the COVID-19 epidemic with certain pressure in a short term, the marine economy is promising in terms of long-term strategic development, and he believed that Zhoushan Ningshing shipping project will be successful and become a new business highlight.

      Those who attended the ceremony from NFESTC were Peng Hongwei, Executive Deputy General Manager, Lin Zhenyu, Deputy General Manager of Oriental International Exhibition, Lu Chaoying, Chief Financial Officer, and Wang Xuyan, Assistant General Manager. Those who attended the ceremony from Ningshing Holdings were President Huang Yongzeng, Vice President Yang Xiaojun, Vice President Wang Wentong, Assistant President and Chairman of Ningshing Ship building & repairing Feng Bin, and heads of relevant functional departments of the headquarters.



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