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NFESTC Visited Ningshing Holdings

Date : 2020-07-27 16:35:35Views :

      On July 22nd, a delegation led by Mr. Qian Guangfa, Chairman of Ningbo Foreign Enterprise Service & Trading Co.Ltd visited Ningshing Holdings. Ms. Gao Ping, Vice Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, together with other members addressed warm greetings.

      Ms. Gao Ping, Vice Chairman and Party Secretary of Ningshing Holdings, introduced the characteristics of Ningshing, which were composed of professional and diversified business pattern and people-oriented corporate culture. She emphasized the rich connotation, function and construction experience of the corporate culture that Ningshing has practiced, precipitated and refined for many years.

      The delegation also visited Ningshing Holding's two key business sectors, namely foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce. Accompanied by General Manager Zhang Lei of Ningshing Trading Group, the delegation visited the clothing division, plumbing division and rubber shoes showroom, and also listened to the experience and ideas of the key products and business characteristics of the foreign trade sector and the integration of trade, industry and research. Chairman Wang Weimin of Ningshing Ubay accompanied everyone to visit Ningshing Ubay, and introduced its operating conditions, cross-border e-commerce business characteristics and operating results in the first half of the year. Chairman Qian Guangfa and his delegation fully praised Ningshing Holdings' achievements in professional operation and corporate culture construction for these years, and expressed that all of them had benefited a lot.



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