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Joint Construction and Exchange Activity in Shanxiazhuang Village

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      In order to further play the leading role of Ningshing Holdings as a provincial civilized unit, make full use of the Ningshing's advantages in business resources and civilization building, and actively contribute to the construction of beautiful countryside in the new era, Ningshing Holdings and Shanxiazhuang Village, which is located in Jishigang Town, Haishu District, signed a paring and co-construction agreement in April this year and thus start a three-year civilized co-construction cooperation.

      On August 6th, Ningshing Holdings organized the headquarters, Ningshing Yoyou Feed, Ningshing Youth League Committee and other related personnel to go to Shanxiazhuang Village to carry out civilized co-construction and exchange activities. Zhang Huihong, Director of the Nignshing Administration Office, and Shu Qianding, Secretary of the Party branch of Shanxiazhuang Village, respectively introduced their basic situations, exchanged and discussed various aspects of the co-construction of civilization, such as party building, civilization building, helping farmers to increase their income, helping students and the poor, and volunteering work. 

      Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the key agricultural aid project named "Comprehensive Utilization of Crop Straw". This project was an important achievement of Ningshing Yoyou Feed as to explore ecological recycling agriculture, which has been shortlisted in the catalogue of typical modes of comprehensive utilization of crop by-products by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China. Qi Yun, Assistant General Manager of Ningshing Yoyou Feed, said that Yoyou is willing to help purchase nearly 1,600 mu of rice and wheat straw in Shanxiazhuang Village, which can increase the farmers’ income by nearly 200,000 yuan every year. The plan was fully recognized by village leaders and actively responded by major grain growers in the village. The two sides agreed to make a deeper concrete discussion and schedule on the project advancement.

      In this joint construction and exchange activity, Ningshing Holdings also invited Ren Haiyan from Haishu District Domestic Waste Classification Management Office to preach garbage classification related policies and classification knowledge to more than 70 villagers in Shanxiazhuang Village, so as to enhance villagers' awareness of the importance of garbage classification, enhance villagers' consciousness and participation in garbage classification and promote civilized rural style.

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      Shanxiazhuang Village is located in the west of Ningbo City, the northern part of Jishi Port, bordering with Dayin Town of Yuyao City in the north and Gao Qiao Town in the east, 10 kilometers away from Ningbo City. It is a sanitary village in Zhejiang Province, a civilized village in Ningbo City and a beautiful courtyard.  



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