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A Visit by Founder of Hurun Report & Entrepreneurs from Baifu Academy

Date : 2020-08-17 13:44:37Views :

      On August 12th, Mr. Rupert Hoogewerf (in Chinese: Hurun), founder of Hurun Report and Dean of 21st Century Baifu Academy, together with entrepreneurs’ students from Baifu Academy visited Ningbo. Mr. Li Guanding, vice mayor of Ningbo Municipal Government, met the group in the conference room of Ningshing Holdings and extended a warm welcome. Mr. Li introduced the general situation of Ningbo's development, expounded its industrial structure and the features and characteristics of Ningbo entrepreneurs. He sincerely invited Mr. Hoogewerf to attend this year's World Conference of "Ningbo Entrepreneurs Support Ningbo". Mr. Hoogewerf expressed his concern about the development and changes of Ningbo, which is a city with great development potential and comprehensive competitiveness, and hoped to have more cooperation with Ningbo government and enterprises. Accompanying the attendance were Mr. Ni Wei, Party Secretary of the Municipal Finance Office, Mr. Cao Jingzhi, Director of the Municipal Investment Promotion Center, Mr. Tong Longjun, Executive Dean of Baifu Academy, Mr. Wu Yigang and Ms. Gao ping, Chairman and Vice Chairman of Ningshing Holdings.

      On August 13th, after visiting Youngor Group and Bull Group, Baifu Academy and Ningshing Holdings held a Salon in Tianning building participated by more than 40 entrepreneurs students from various industries in China. Also invited to attend were Ms. Xu Yafen, founder of Ningbo Wanli Education Group, Chairman of Ningbo Nottingham University and Chairman of Wanli College, and Mr. Liu Jianping, Honorary Chairman of Ninhua Group and President of Ningbo Foreign Trade Association. Mr. Wu Yigang, Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, Ms. Gao Ping, Vice Chairman, and Mr. Huang Yongzeng, President, extended warm greetings.

      At the salon, Ms. Xu Yafen, Chairman of Ningbo Nottingham University, passionately shared her extraordinary experience and achievements in running Wanli Education Group and Ningbo Nottingham University, and showed the extensive sentiments and responsibilities of Ningbo entrepreneurs, which deeply touched the participants and won high praise and admiration. Mr. Liu Jianping, President of Ningbo Foreign Trade Association, shared the theme of "differentiation strategy and craftsman spirit" in combination with the actual development of enterprises. When talking about craftsman spirit, the core business idea of "altruism" aroused the resonance of audience.

      Ms. Gao Ping, Vice Chairman and Party Secretary of Ningshing Holdings, shared "Four Awareness" of Ningbo spirit and entrepreneurial spirit, and described Ningshing's shared fate with the great era of China’s reform and opening-up, the professional diversified business pattern and unique corporate culture formed in the company’s innovation and development, and she welcomed the entrepreneurs of Baifu Academy to develop cooperation with Ningshing Holdings.

      Mr. Hoogewerf, the Dean of Baifu Academy, pointed out that he had tracked the changes of Chinese entrepreneurs over the past few years and witnessed the advance and development of private economy. He stated that Chinese entrepreneurs and self-made successful entrepreneurs accounted for a large proportion in the world, and the greatness of Chinese entrepreneurs deserved attention and admiration. Mr. Tong Longjun, Executive Dean of Baifu Academy, thanked Ningshing Holdings for the warm reception on behalf of Baifu Academy, and pointed out this trip in Ningbo was aiming at learning the iterative achievements of industrial upgrading of Ningbo entrepreneurs in digital intellectual creation, and feeling the dream-seeking spirit of business entrepreneurs in the new era as well.

      At last, Baifu Academy awarded the star mentor certificate of Baifu Academy to Wu Yigang, Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, Xu Yafen, founder of Wanli Education Group, and Liu Jianping, President of Ningbo Foreign Trade Association.



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