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A Heat Condolences to NSSG by Ningbo Federation of Trade Unions

Date : 2020-08-21 09:46:24Views :

      On August 18th, Mr. Han Pengjun, Vice Chairman of Ningbo Federation of Trade Unions, Mr. Tang Jiandong, Chairman of Ningbo Finance and Trade Union, and other delegations went to Ningshing Special Steel Group (NSSG)for summer cooling visit and express condolences and consideration to the front line employees who stuck to their posts and worked hard in extreme heat, and delivered cool drinks and pharmaceutical goods for preventing heatstroke and cooling as well. Ms. Gao Ping, Vice Chairman, Party Secretary and Trade Union Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, Mr. Wang Wentong, Vice President of Ningshing Holdings and Chairman of NSSG, and Mr. Yan Jianbin, General Manager of NSSG, greeted with hospitality. 

      At the precision manufacturing workshop of NSSG, Mr. Han Pengjun listened to the transformation and upgrading of NSSG in recent years, the results of building the ecological circle of special steel industry and the construction of industrial employees in the company, obtained in-depth knowledge of heatstroke prevention and cooling at the workshop site, and expressed cordial greetings to the employees who fought in the front line at such high temperature, thanking them for overcoming the difficulties of epidemic situation and extreme heat, sticking to their posts, working hard, contributing to the resumption of production and the development of manufacturing industry in Ningbo, and repeatedly instructing employees to pay attention to heatstroke prevention.

      At the same time, Mr. Han also hopes that Ningshing Special Steel Group should strengthen the construction of the workforce and take care of the work and life of employees with the pilot enterprise of Ningbo industrial worker team construction reform as the carrier. At present, the company should pay special attention to the health protection of front line employees, and implement heatstroke prevention and various safety protection measures to ensure the safe and orderly development of operation and production. 

      The care and consideration from the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the company stimulated the enthusiasm of the employees, who expressed the determination to overcome difficulties, stick to the posts, fight against high temperature, attach importance to safety and grasp progress, and contribute to the company's sustainable and stable operation.



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