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NSSG and JHMMT Started Strategic Cooperation

Date : 2020-08-28 09:48:28Views :

      Ningshing Special-steel Group (Hereinafter referred to as NSSG) and Jiangsu Henry Modular Machine-Tool (Hereinafter referred to as JHMMT) jointly invested and successfully developed disc sawing and milling machine tools in 2017. In order to further develop the advantages of both sides, extend the industrial chain and jointly build a leading intelligent high-end equipment manufacturer, NSSG and JHMMT reached a consensus and were going to launch a new and comprehensive strategic cooperation. On August 15th, the kick-off meeting of strategic cooperation was held in JHMMT. Mr. Huang Yongzeng, President of Ningshing Holdings, Mr. Wang Wentong, Vice President of Ningshing Holdings and Chairman of NSSG, Chen Yaning, Executive Deputy General Manager of NSSG and Chairman of Jiangsu  Ningshing Hengli Intelligent Equipment, Zhong Qiu, Chairman of JHMMT, attended the meeting, together with the attendance of more than 50 senior managers and staff representatives from JHMMT.

      Mr. Zhong Qiu and Mr. Wang Wentong addressed on behalf of both sides. Mr. Zhong Qiu pointed out that the strategic cooperation between the two parties was a milestone in the history of JHMMT’s development, he expounded the necessity and urgency of cooperation between the two sides and expressed the requirement and best wishes for the new management team. Mr. Wang Wentong put forward the basis of cooperation with JHMMT, the development goals and prospects for the following 3-5 years, and made arrangements for the tasks to be completed in the near future, requiring everyone to complete the tasks of the first stage in an all-round way under the leadership of the new management team, thus laying a solid foundation for the restructuring in the next step. On behalf of Ningshing Holdings, President Huang Yongzeng congratulated the two sides on officially launching the strategic cooperation, fully affirmed the practical significance of the strategic cooperation between NSSG and JHMMT, and hoped that everyone should strengthen confidence, complement each other's advantages, create a win-win situation, and start a new situation of cooperation and development towards the established goals. This strategic cooperation kick-off meeting was a milestone for NSSG and JHMMT on the road of seeking development and win-win cooperation. The meeting further clarified the goal, unified the thought and planned the path, which was a model innovation of strategic cooperation.



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