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The Successful Launching of the First Ship of ZNSBR

Date : 2020-09-09 16:50:24Views :

      On September 4th, the launching ceremony of a stainless steel chemical ship "Dong Run 158", the first ship of Zhoushan Ningshing Ship Building &Repairing (Hereinafter referred to as ZNSBR), was successfully held in its Ship Factory. The ceremony was jointly organized by ZNSBR and the ship owner, Zhejiang Dongrun Shipping Co. (Hereinafter referred to as ZDS). Mr. Wu Yigang, Mr. Huang Yongzeng and Mr. Wang Wentong, namely Chairman, President and Vice President of Ningshing Holdings, Mr. Zhou Xinguo and Zhou Zuguo, Chairman and General Manager of ZDS, Mr. Qian Guangfa, Chairman of Ningbo Foreign Enterprise, Ningshing’s Strategic partner of ZNSBR project, Mr. Xia Puzhen, Deputy Director of Zhoushan Office of China Classification Society, and representatives of the ship construction units and suppliers were also invited to attend.

      The launching ceremony was presided over by Chairman of ZNSBR Feng Bin. Chairman Zhou Xinguo of ZDM and Vice President Wang Wentong of Ningshing Holdings delivered speeches on behalf of the ship-owner and Ningshing Holdings respectively. Mr. Zhou Xinguo emphasized that the cooperation with ZNSBR was the best choice for ZDM, he thanked ZNSBR for actively overcoming the difficulties caused by the epidemic, insisting on quality first and completing shipping building plan of "Dong Run 158" ahead of schedule, he also highly praised ZNSBR for new vitality after reorganization, and expressed his expectation to further cooperation and development between two Companies. 

      Mr. Wang Wentong pointed out that the successful launching of the first ship of ZNSBR was the embodiment of the business philosophy of ZNSBR as "quality first, technology leading, safety standard and cooperation" practiced by all the cadres and employees with practical actions, which laid a solid foundation for the high-quality ship delivery. The early launching of the first ship was not only a key node in the construction process, but also marked the initial achievements in the construction of Ningshing Ship Base. 

Under the witness of the guests at the scene, Chairman Wu Yigang, Chairman Qian Guangfa, Chairman Zhou Xinguo and Deputy Director Xia Puzhen jointly took the stage to cut the ribbon for ship "Dong Run 158". President Huang Yongzeng announced the start of “Dong Run 158” launching.

      Subsequently, Mr. Wei Hanxiang, General Manager of ZNSBR, commanded the whole launching process at the berth site. With the sound of salute and whistle, "Dong Run 158" slipped off the berth and launched into the sea smoothly.



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