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Civilized Co-construction Gala in Shanxiazhuang Village

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      On September 20th 2020, Ningshing Holdings and Shanxiazhuang Village jointly held a civilized co-construction gala in the cultural hall of the Village. Ms. Gao Ping, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman, and other 30 representatives of Ningshing Holdings, including the heads of party and staff representatives of different subsidiaries, as well as officials from Haishu Court, gathered together with more than 100 villagers in Shanxiazhuang Village to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. Those also attended the gala were Mr. Pang Qinfeng, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Jishigang Town, MS. Yang Jinjing, Director of Wangchun Court of Haishu District, and Shu Qianding, Secretary of Party Branch of Shanxiazhuang Village.

      This gala was another in-depth exchange and co-construction activity since Ningshing Holdings and Shanxiazhuang Village signed the pairing and co-construction agreement in April, following the cooperation in purchasing rice straw to help farmers and the publicity activities of garbage classification. At the gala, Ms. Gao Ping delivered a speech and emphasized that, as a provincial-level civilized unit, Ningshing Holdings actively practiced the social responsibility and took advantage of the in operating resources and civilization creation, built and jointly promoted the construction of beautiful countryside with Shanxiazhuang village. On behalf of the company, she also sent holiday greetings to the elderly in the village, and particularly sent caring blessings to Zhang Yumu who was suffering from severe ear diseases. The leaders of Shanxiazhuang Village expressed their welcome and gratitude to Ningshing Holdings, and they were also full of confidence in the next step of civilized co-construction between the two sides. Mr. Pang Qinfeng, the mayor of Jishigang Town, spoke highly of Ningshing Holdings' positive efforts for the construction of beautiful countryside, and wished the company a prosperous development.

      Ningshing Holdings participated in the whole process of organizing and planning, and together with Shanxiazhuang Village, presented a lively and local cultural performance for the villagers. After that, Ningshing delegation visited the Cultural Auditorium to learn about the folk customs, celebrities and the history of the village development, enjoyed the new countryside scenery, and enhanced the confidence in the future construction of beautiful countryside in Shanxiazhuang Village.



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