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TMFEED Test Obtains CMA Testing Certification Qualification

Date : 2020-11-02 14:57:14Views :

      Ningbo TMFEED Test Co.,LTD ("TMFEED Test " for short) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningbo TMFEED Technology Co.,LTD, a subsidiary of Ningshing Holdings. It is a third-party testing agency specializing in quality and safety testing of feed products and related products. It is located in Cixi Binhai Development Distric. The laboratory has professional analysis teams and testing capabilities for various feed ingredients and products. After two years of hard work and accumulation, TMFEED Test has recently obtained the CMA qualification certificate of the inspection and testing agency issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration. With CMA certificate, TMFEED Test can issue CMA-marked inspection reports for various ranches, feed manufacturers, agricultural departments, and agricultural sciences and other government scientific research units, which can be used for product quality evaluation, results and judicial appraisal, with legal effect, and can be used as a basis for arbitration and judicial institutions.



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