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Ningshing Participated in Online Canton Fair

Date : 2020-11-05 16:58:00Views :

      The 128th China Import and Export Fair was held online from October 15th to October 24th. At this year's China Import and Export Fair, three subsidiaries of Ningshing, namely Ningshing Trading Group, Ningshing Kinhil, and Ningshing Hench, participated in more than 20 exhibition zones including sanitary equipment, building materials, household goods, men's and women's clothing, and household appliances and set up 12 live broadcast rooms. Through 10 days, 10*24 hours live shows, nearly 1,500 product information was released, 165 live shows were broadcasted, more than 200 customer inquiries were accepted, about 120 intended orders were reached, and the intended transaction amount was about 800 million us dollars, and the overall effect was better than the previous session.



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