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Top Management Team Visited Ningshing Ubay Logistics

Date : 2020-11-10 15:00:32Views :

      The annual "Double Eleven" activity arrived as scheduled, which spanned the whole month of November and was divided into two stages: 1th-3nd and 11th-13th. The concentrated outbreak of online orders made Ubay Logistics face great challenges. On 9th of November, Mr. Wu Yigang, Ms. Gao Ping, Mr. Huang Yongzeng, and Mr. Tan Zhengguo, namely Chairman, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman, President, and Executive Vice President visited Ubay Logistics for investigation and condolences. Mr. Shi Wei, General Manager of Ubay Logistics, reported the work of "Double Eleven" and accompanied the inspection and investigation.

      During the investigation, the leaders mainly visited the sorting flow area, shelf storage area and normal temperature warehouse of No.1 warehouse in Cainiao Area to acquire more about site control, safety production, quality control and process flow. At the management team symposium, Mr.Wu Yigang firstly expressed condolences to the employees who had fought in the front line in the past few days, highly affirmed the efforts and achievements made by Ubay in the cross-border e-commerce field, and he also hoped that during the coming second phase of the "Double Eleven", Ubay Logistics should continue to sum up experience, strive for excellence, and process safely, while paying attention to the combination of work and rest and successfully achieve the targeted goals. Ms. Gao Ping specifically inquired about the personnel management and logistics support during the "Double Eleven" period, and discussed issues such as solving the long-term mechanism of phased employment. Mr. Huang Yongzeng put forward requirements in the aspects of process design, division of functions, and system specification in order to improve the overall operation quality of Ubay Logistics.

      Since its establishment more than five years ago, Ubay Logistics has gradually developed into a closed-loop ecological supply chain entity, with integration of warehousing, logistics, cross-border e-commerce import and export, customs affairs and foreign trade. At present, its total storage area is about 210,000 square meters, and it deals in about 32 million commodities, mainly food, health products, beauty products and maternal & child products. During this year's "Double Eleven" promotion period, the peak number of employees reached more than 5,000, an increase of nearly 1,000 compared with last year. It is estimated that about 5 million orders will be reached during this year's Double Eleven period, an increase of more than 50% compared with last year.



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