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A Strategic Cooperation between NSSBR and Shanghai Chizhou Technology

Date : 2020-11-27 10:01:29Views :

      On November 21, Zhoushan Ningshing Ship Building & Repairing Co., Ltd.(NSBR) and Shanghai Chizhou Ship Technology Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation. NSBR and Shanghai Chizhou Technology will cooperate to establish the Shanghai Ship Design and Research Center. In the future, the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages and take the joint development of "energy-saving, environmentally friendly, intelligent" ship products as the guide, research and develop advanced ship types with market competitive advantages and market them. Shanghai Chizhou Technology will dispatch senior technicians from time to time to provide technical guidance and consultation for NSBR, helping NSBR to develop into an advanced ship repairing base with leading technology, independent R&D and innovation capabilities and core products.

      Shanghai Chizhou Technology is a well-known ship design and research company in China. It provides advanced ship design and research services for well-known shipbuilding companies at home and abroad, and provides long-term consulting and design services for domestic military shipyards.



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