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Ningshing’s Commendation and Annual meeting of 2021

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      On January 29, 2021, Ningshing Holdings' summary and commendation and 2021 business meeting were held on the 28th floor of Ningbo Tianning Building. A total of 70 senior managers from Ningshing Holdings headquarters and various companies attended the meeting.

      The meeting was presided over by Vice Chairman Gao Ping. The meeting first listened to the 2020 annual work report of President Huang Yongzeng entitled "Seize Opportunities, Key Breakthroughs, Continuous Innovation, Efficient and Powerful", which summarizing the company's work performance in 2020 and the main work to be promoted, and putting forward the problems in business development, and deploys Six main tasks for 2021. President Huang Yongzeng pointed out that 2021 will be a year in which opportunities and challenges coexist. It is necessary to seize opportunities and promote efficient and powerful operation of various professional sectors; plan and lead, achieve key breakthroughs in important projects; continue to innovate, and product and technology research and development will highlight practical results; strengthen mobility and improve the overall quality of operation; strengthen management and promote the company's high-quality development with the power of "fusion•change". 

      Chairman Wu Yigang gave a speech titled "Facing Change and Opening a New Game • Joining Forces to Innovate". He pointed out that in 2020, the company actively responded to the impact of the epidemic and the severe situation, and achieved better than expected performance, showing the strong anti-risk ability formed by industrial layout, professional operation and model innovation, the improvement of quality and efficiency promoted by the company's quality and efficiency improvement and refined management, and the vitality of Ningshing people seeking innovation and change, and the courage to explore and strength. He asked all companies to strengthen the awareness of opportunities in the new year, lead by development planning, drive continuous innovation, focus on professional operation, focus on quality improvement, strengthen the Ningshing brand, focus on innovative R&D and digital construction, and achieved results of the key projects. He asked to do a good job in team building and team building, challenge higher goals with more passion and more powerful measures, push Ningshing's career to a new height, and present the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results.

      The meeting commended advanced groups and individuals with outstanding achievements in 2020, and required all employees to take the advanced as an example, stand on their posts, work hard, and make new contributions to the full completion of the goals and tasks of the New Year.

      The general manager of each company made a positive statement on the completion of the tasks and goals for 2021, expressing that they will continue to gather strength in the New Year, set the goal, gather energy, and contribute to the new development of the holding company with excellent performance. 

      At the end of the meeting, Vice Chairman Gao Ping put forward three requirements for each company to implement the spirit of the meeting, requiring to fully and conscientiously implement the work report of President Huang Yongzeng and the work requirements of Chairman Wu Yigang according to their own actual conditions, consensus and work together to implement; innovative breakthroughs Grasping implementation; implementing benchmarks and tables; working together, innovating and pioneering, and working hard to complete the annual goals and tasks. 



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