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Ningshing Organized 2021 Women's Day event

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      In order to commemorate the 111th anniversary of the "March 8th" International Women’s Day, strengthen corporate care, enhance communication among female employees, and give full play to the positive role of "Half the Sky" in promoting the company’s high-quality development, on March 9th nearly 180 female employees carried out the activity of "Meeting in a Vigorous New City & A Thousand Year Old Town".

      Gao Ping, secretary of the party committee, vice chairman, and chairman of the labor union of Ningshing Holdings, extended holiday greetings to all female employees on behalf of Ningshing, and fully affirmed everyone’s efforts and contributions in the company’s innovation and development over the years, especially in 2020. In fighting against the covid epidemic and actively resuming work and production, the group of Ningshing female staff has played an active role in market expansion, product technology research and development, and management improvement. At the same time, in combination with the actual development of the company, Ms. Gao also proposed to all female employees three requirements as "to be a model student of company development based on own duties and down to earth"; "full of ideals and passions, to be the pioneer of entrepreneurial innovation"; "learning and improvement, wisdom and elegance" and "Being a leader of good family style".  It is expected that everyone will be more confident and full of spirit on the broad platform of Ningshing’s development, blooming their own glory in Ningshing Holdings high-quality and magnificent blueprint for development.

      The day's itinerary was colorful and rewarding. Under the warm reception of the Hangzhou Bay New Area Management Committee, the female compatriots visited and experienced the forward-looking industrial layout of the Hangzhou Bay New Area, and sighed at the new speed and new atmosphere of the rapid development of the new area; toured Hangzhou Bay Wetland In the park, enjoyed the beautiful scenery of birds and enjoyed the beauty of nature; strolled in the ancient town of Minghe in the afternoon, tasted the food in memory, talked about the current situation of work and life, exchanged captures and felt the beauty scenery, and spent a wonderful holiday together. 



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