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Record Spring Beauty with Photographic Lens in Sakura Park

Date : 2021-04-01 09:30:03Views :

      On 25th of March, more than 20 members of Ningshing Holding's photography team and some shutterbugs took advantage of their lunch break to enjoy the beautiful scenery of sakura blossoms in Sakura Park, recorded the beautiful spring scenery and exchanged their photography experiences.

      The spring breeze blew the flying sakura rain, and the fragrance of the flower fluttered in the wind.

Before shooting, Mr. Huang Ya’er, the chief photographer of Ningshing Holdings, explained the key points and difficulties of sakura shooting, and demonstrated the skills of blurring the foreground, blurring the background, shooting in backlight, framing and composition, etc. Under the guidance of Mr. Huang, all the members were able to shoot wonderful pictures.

      The activity was rewarding and fruitful. Although the time was short, those who participated in were not only enjoy the beautiful spring scenery, but also improved their photographic skills, as well as learnt to discover and record the beauty of life!



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