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Date : 2021-04-14 10:46:01Views :

      On April 10th, Ningshing Holdings' General Manager Salon was held in the premium house at Moon Lake. Three experts were specially invited to share the topic of “Financial Investment and Cross-border E-commerce” for this salon. More than 50 members from Ningshing Holdings and the management team of each subsidiary attended.

      Mr. Zhou Yanchang, Chief strategist of Bank of Ningbo, made a financial service sharing titled "Strategies of Asset Allocation in 2021". He deeply analyzed the recent market and looked forward to the allocation direction of this year from five major sectors: macro-economy, bond market, A-share market, foreign exchange and gold, and answered questions about exchange rate changes, bulk trade trends, etc. The large amount of shared information help the general managers open minds and enrich financial knowledge.

      The second half of the salon was about the learning and exchanging of export cross-border e-commerce. Mr. Lin Weizhong, Director of the Cross-border E-Commerce Department of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce, made a sharing titled "Analysis of the Overall Situation of Cross-border E-commerce Export and Related Policies", interpreting the development history of China's cross-border e-commerce of the comprehensive pilot zone, national strategy, industry competition, overseas warehouse construction and the overall development situation of cross-border e-commerce and current policy measures, etc. The representative from leading enterprises of Ningbo Cross-border E-commerce Sea Alliance shared the practical experiences in the development of cross-border e-commerce, such as channel and brand building, product selection and quality, resources and talent reserve. 

      This year, Ningshing Holdings includes "Financial Low Tea" and "General Managers Salon" in the annual theme activities and annual training plan, aiming at providing multi-faceted learning and communicating opportunities for managers, guiding them to keep pace with the new trends and development, and learn from each other. A series of salon activities will be carried out in the follow-up.





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