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Take A Revolutionary Journey to Yan'an and Recapture Its History and Spirit

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      In order to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Ningshing Holdings’ Party Committee organized nearly 200 representatives to take a revolutionary journey to Yan’an from June 12 to June 15 this year.

      On the first day, all Party members participated a thematic activity in front of the bronze statue of Chairman Mao in Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Square. Mr. Huang Yongzeng, Party Committee member and President of Ningshing Holdings, presided over the activity. Mr. Du Wei (from Ubay) and Mr. Wang Jun (from Ningshing Precision Machinery Group), represented the outstanding Party members to give an inner share speech. Through this solemn tribute, everyone learnt the hardship before the revolutionary success, expressed to cherish the present life and make greater efforts to contribute to the future.

      MS. Gao Ping, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, gave a speech. She pointed out that this journey to Yan’an is a far-searching tour, she demanded all Party members to have lofty aspirations, strengthen the ideals and beliefs, and consciously be loyalists in the ideals of communism. She also said that everyone should learn from model, play an exemplary role, and be the vanguard, stand on our own position, be brave in innovation and breakthrough, and gather strong vitality and power for the company's sustainable development. She finally led all the junior and senior Party members to revisit the oath of joining the Party, conveying adherence to the ideals and beliefs.

      On the second day, all Party members participated a Party class titled The Glorious History of the Communist Party of China in One Hundred Years. Subsequently, each general branch and branch held a separate salon to further study MR. XI, the General Secretary's speech, related books and important articles on Party History, etc.

      In the following period, all members of Ningshing visited Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, Zaoyuan Revolutionary Site, Yang Jialing Revolutionary Site, Pagoda Mountain, and also visited places of interest in Xi'an, not only learnt the Yan'an revolutionary spirit, but also appreciated the charm of Chinese extensive and profound history and culture. 

      Finally, Mr. Chairman Wu Yigang greeted the tour group at the airport in person. He spoke highly of this activity, the revolutionary journey to Yan’an further baptized and promoted Ningshing's corporate culture. He believed that through the journey learning, all Party members will devote themselves to the high-quality development of Ningshing Holdings with more enthusiasm and more passionate fighting spirit.



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