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Warm Condolence to Shan xiazhuang Village Hit by Typhoon

Date : 2021-07-29 08:57:57Views :

      Due to the heavy rainfall caused by typhoon "In-Fa" and the corresponding river flow backward, residents in Haishu Dongqiao, Jishi gang Town and other areas of Ningbo were trapped in flood. Ningshing Holdings contacted with Shanxiazhuang Village in the first time, and learned that the co-construction village was seriously affected by the "In-Fa", and 89 families were affected by the flooding in their homes. In the meantime, 172 people have been urgently transferred and 89 people have been resettled in the village.

      In order to alleviate the inconvenience of in and out the village and the shortage of food and water in resettlement sites, Ningshing Holdings immediately gathered party members and volunteer representatives to deliver a batch of instant noodles, milk, biscuits, mineral water and other materials to Shanxiazhuang villagers. The village Committee and villagers expressed their heartfelt thanks to the company for its timely assistance. Mr. Yuan Haojie, Minister of the Propaganda Department of Jishigang Town, and Mr. Zhou Xiping, stationmaster of the sanitation station, highly praised Ningshing’s righteous actions.



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