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“Self-Cultivation and Management” Salon for Female Managers

Date : 2021-09-15 08:18:41Views :

       Ningshing Holdings held the 2021 Female managers’ Salon named "Female Self-cultivation and Management" in Longguan Channa boutique homestays on September 10th. Mrs. Gao Ping, vice-chairman and party secretary of Ningshing Holdings, and more than 30 female administrators participated in this activity.

       First, Ms. Dai Ruxidan, the hostess of Longguan Channa, shared her entrepreneurial story. Deeply moved and impressed by her vivid stories of walking out of the comfort zone, returning to her hometown to start a business to help her hometown, the female managers applaud frequently.

       Then Ms.Chen Lizhen, Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, was invited to share with the ways of self-cultivation. 

       Ms. Chen has given great concern and support to the development of cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade of Ningshing Holdings for many years. In this activity, like a senior and intimate sister, she shared her varies occupation experience, such as a policewoman in service of the people's livelihood, a sub-district secretary, a supervisor of human resources in port office and as a leader in the current position. She shared how to persist in studying and become an expert in the workplace, how to overcome women's weaknesses and play the role of a manager, and how to care for the old and the young to become the backbone of the family. She also took herself as an example, demonstrated on the spot, and shared tips on self-health care. Everyone felt that they had benefited a lot.

       Representatives of several subsidiaries had in-depth and pleasant sharing and exchange on their work, career and life.

       Finally, Ms. Gao Ping pointed out that the company attaches great importance to the growth of female managers. She encourages everyone to stick to own life pursuit, and make constant efforts to be an excellent manager in the new era.

       The Salon was co-organized by the assistance of Ningshing Hench.



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