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New Comers’First Orientation Training

Date : 2021-09-26 09:17:54Views :

      In order to make new employees fully understand the development process,business philosophy and corporate culture of Ningshing,  to learn the company's rules and regulations, and to inspire their enthusiasm and passion to contribute to their new employer, NINGSHING held the 2021 new employees orientation training course at Ningbo Hotel on September 23th. There were totally 99 new employees from headquarters and subordinate companies participating in the training course. Vice Chairman Gao Ping also attended.

      At the beginning of the training, Ms. Gao Ping gave a report entitled "NINGSHING's Development, Corporate Culture and our Mission", which described NINGSHING's three transformation stages of development and its struggle history for more than 20 years; she interpreted the unique corporate culture from various aspects, such as the functional concept, key words, spiritual core and practical results of Ningshing’s corporate culture. She also requested everyone to closely integrate personal career, cherish NINGSHING's platform and opportunities, base themselves on their posts, take advanced figures as benchmarks, devote themselves with the best efforts, and strive to be an excellent member of Ningshing family as soon as possible.

      Five outstanding senior staff representatives, namely Mr. Du wei, Ms. Zheng Hui, Mr. He Xiong, Ms. Wang Shangjie and Mr. Qiu Song, shared their growth and experiences in NINGSHING. And the H&R Department from Ningshing headquarter explained the Employee manual and the company management system & regulation. 

      In this training, NINGSHING also invited Mr. Liu Yue from Mingbo Training School to lecture on "Improving Professional Ability". Mr. Liu started from team building, structural communication skills and self-management, helping new employees improve their professionalism and work efficiency. In the summary and sharing session, representatives of the employees expressed that entering NINGSHING was a new starting point in life, and also thanked the company for its warm care and concern. They promised to apply these concepts, requirements and spirits to their jobs, and make their own efforts and contributions to the development of NINGSHING. 



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